Track your Crypto (GAINS) Transactions, Made Easy! (FREE)

The Crypto Homie
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The Crypto Homie's Personal way of tracking crypto transactions!

When did I buy that coin?
What price did I buy that coin at?

Start the year right by tracking your crypto transaction easier than last year!

We all know tracking crypto transactions can be such a pain.

When I first bought crypto I did not track my transactions effectively.

The exchanges do not make tracking your transactions easy!

This became a big headache when it came time for taxes...

I made that mistake once!

I made my own way of tracking transactions.

This way has helped me be able to easily see when I bought/ sold a crypto.

You will need the official files from the exchange for taxes...

  • Those files are not user friendly
  • Make it look harder than it should be

This template will make your life so much easier when you want to view your transactions

Instead of going through multiple files from the exchange's.

I recommend after every transaction you record the transaction in the template 

The template is completely free!

Click "I want this!"

Type in "0"

Bam you now can download and utilize the template!!!

*Disclaimer. This is not financial advice. This is not tax advice. Consult a tax professional for all your tax needs.

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  • Template To Transactions
    Simple And Effective
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    Time Saver
  • Size16.2 KB
  • Template To TransactionsSimple And Effective
  • Simple DesignTime Saver


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Track your Crypto (GAINS) Transactions, Made Easy! (FREE)

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